As the coordinator of REAAA Business Forum, please allow me to tell a brief history of REAAA Business Forum.

REAAA Business Forum is designed to facilitate road sector business to business collaboration.

The objectives are to create business to business collaborations in road engineering project or related sectors and to enhance membership form business persons, institutions or companies.

The forums were held in conjunction with on-going REAAA Council Meeting or Conference.

  • 1st REAAA Business Forum in Bali, Indonesia on 22nd April 2014 (in conjunction with 99th REAAA Council Meeting), it was a one-day event consisted of business presentations and one to one meetings, delivering special topic of Public Private Partnership. Around 70 business persons attended this forum which resulted in the signings of Three Memorandum of Understandings between:
    • PT Jasamarga (Persero) Tbk with West NEXCO and Japan Expressway Company Limited (JEXWAY) Japan.
    • PT Jasamarga (Persero) Tbk with POSCO Engineering & Construction Korea;
    • PT Jasamarga (Persero) Tbk with CMS Work International Limited Malaysia.

    Another outcome of this forum was the potential development project in Indonesia between PT Jababeka,Tbk with Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia which leads to several property development and infrastructure development project in Indonesia.

  • 2nd REAAA Business Forum in Sydney, Australia on 23rd October 2014 (in conjunction with 100th REAAA Council Meeting). Around 70 participants took part in a half day event which consist of several classroom presentations. The main theme in this forum was road technology support/ product related to road project.

  • 3rd REAAA Business Forum in Tokyo, Japan on 1st November 2016

    At the previous Governing Council Meeting in Tokyo, Japan there had been an increasing support for the 3rd REAAA Business Forum from country members. This can be seen by the number of delegates attending 3rd REAAA Business Forum which was held in Tokyo, sun route, Ariake on 1st November 2016 hosted by the Japan Road Association and supported by the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). There were about 200 delegates participating in half day event, including the field visit to Japan Highway Techno Fair 2016.

  • 4th REAAA Business Forum recently held on 23rd March 2017, BNDCC Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia. Hosted by the ad hoc committee chaired by Mr. Destiawan Soewardjono, CEO of PT Wijaya Karya (persero) Tbk. This forum was attended by around 100 participants.

    The 4th REAAA Business Forum features prominent speakers from many countries and also from Indonesia giving presentation with the main theme of “Expanding Opportunities for Infrastructure Investment in Developing Countries”.

I strongly hope that the Business Forum can satisfy the need of business entities to get information, establish connections and enter negotiations. This way the REAAA Business Forum can be fully benefit the participants and encourage more cooperation and collaborations between business entities from many different countries in the region.

And I do hope that in the future, REAAA Business Forum will become the routine agenda for REAAA in which the forum can continue to grow, developing its huge potential, promoting the road industry growth in the region and collaboration between companies particularly in Asia and Australasia regions.

Thank You

Nonon Wardhani

Coordinator of REAAA Business Forum

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