• Past experiences show that the REAAA Council meeting and related Conference were mostly involving those with Road Engineering background.
  • On the other side, it is realized that whatever road technology we are talking about, is always end-up on its application by business entities
  • Learning from the fact, it was realize the need to organize a kind of Forum, that able to connect Business-to-Business in road engineering technology in the region, in conjunction with the on-going REAAA Council Meeting and/or Conferences.
  • At the same time, such Forum is expected to enhance membership, particularly from the business entity.
  • In meeting idea, REAAA has run 2 (two) Business Forums, (1) Bali, in April 2014, in conjunction with the 99th Council Meeting, and (2) Sydney, in October 2014, in conjunction with the 100th Council Meeting.
  • The purpose of this ToR is for making such kind of Business Forum to be an established Agenda of REAAA in the future.


The objectives of the REAAA Business Forum are;

  • The REAAA Business Forum is designed for connecting Business-to-Business in road engineering related technology.
  • The REAAA Business Forum is expected to be able to enhance membership, particularly from the business persons, institutions, or companies.

  • Information about the business opportunity of a country (or countries); at least from the host country; i.e a sort of pipe-line project.
  • Introduction of capacity, capability, or products of a company, includes a particular expertise or quality that can be offered.
  • Exchange ideas amongst participants toward further collaboration amongst the Business Companies, within the Asia and Australasia region.
  • Possible combination of the above mentioned.


In meeting those objectives, the Business Forum can be run through one of the following format:

  • Through a kind of panel discussion, where selected countries or companies way present their needs or their capacity.
  • Through a kind of a luncheon meeting, where the participants may make interaction amongst themselves.

Notes: - The presentation, in a class-room, seems to be not so fancy

  • The use of short film or a series of slides can be justified


In making the Business Forum to be an established Agenda of REAAA; it has to have a permanent person(s) in charge, with the main duties are as follows;

  • To seek and plan future latest visible Business Forum.
  • To communicate with the person in charge on the Business Forum of The Host Country
  • To help the local (Host Country) organizer in making the Business Forum success.
    • The following Business Forum, need to be approved by the Council Meeting.
    • For the purpose, the Host Country need to assigned one of Council Member (or somebody) in-charge for organizing the Business Forum in the Host Country.
    • As one of the aim of the Forum is to enhance the membership, at last one from the membership need to be involved
    • For the purpose, the Forum should be run with self-supporting finance, for which the participant can be charge reasonably.
  • In the regard, the local organization need to have a strong communication with the REAAA Business Forum organizer.

Jakarta, 31 August 2015


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